Age:  1.5 years to 3 years
From the moment your child wakes up to the very last second before those little eyes flutter closed, your child is with you, you are TEACHING them.


Explore the best techniques for teaching by joining HMI’s ‘Homeschool’ program from just about anywhere in the world and emerge both confident and enthusiastic as you embark on the HMI’s homeschooling adventure with your child.


HMI’s ‘Homeschool’ is based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and is designed especially for parents of preschoolers.


We use some of the best learning systems in the online education industry.
HMI works alongside parents to supply regular, quality, flexible, online education for pupils in the comfort of their own home.
Through simple and detailed instructions guide, interactive and multimedia content, the program ensures that students learn with understanding and have constructive engagement.


Also, we do provide early-year expert support along with guidance and resources to cater to your child’s learning journey.


Join us today to create an ‘At Home Playgroup Education’ for your li’l one.